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Sales enquiries

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Call: 0207 428 1144 or
Email: info@seasonhomes.co.uk

Existing customers and medical staff

please contact each scheme directly:


Call: 0300 123 5837
Email: bankhousereception@onehousing.co.uk

Roseberry Mansions

Call: 020 8821 4478 / 07554 113 145
Email: roseberryenquiries@onehousing.co.uk

Roden Court

Call: 020 7272 2735 / 020 8821 4525

Protheroe House

Call: 020 8821 2010
Email: protheroehouse@onehousing.co.uk

Lorenco House

Call: 0208 821 2011
Email: lorencohouseoffice@onehousing.co.uk

Beaumont House

Call: 0300 123 7294

Rosebank Park

Call: 020 8821 4641 / 0300 123 7367


Call: 0300 123 7334
Email: millcroftreception@onehousing.co.uk

Esther Randall Court

Call: 0208 821 5231 /32 /33

How to complain & give feedback

We aim to provide high quality services across all of our work. But sometimes things can go wrong and we don’t do as well as we should. If this happens, please tell us so that we can try to put things right. We are committed to dealing with complaints quickly, fairly and effectively. We also welcome positive feedback such as compliments as well as suggestions you have for making our services better.

To find out more about how our complaints process works, please read our guide to making complaints and our complaints policy here.

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