Assisted Living offers an alternative to residential care for older people, ensuring your housing, social, health, support and care needs are met, while you live independently in your own home, giving you the best of both worlds.

Season will work with you to assess the level of support you require. We will put together a support plan to meet those needs and provide all your care and support.

Everyone will have:

  • 24 hour staffing on-site
  • emergency response
  • care co-ordination and liaison
  • help with finance, bills and budgeting
  • a range of on-site activities.

Your care package may include help with:

  • getting up, washing and dressing
  • preparing meals, snacks and drinks
  • cleaning and domestic work
  • shopping
  • moving from chair, wheelchair, bed or bath
  • medication management.

You can choose to pay for additional services on top of your assessed core care package.