Sylvia White, resident at Bankhouse
“Moving house is always going to be traumatic but the staff have been unbelievable, making the move easy and problem free. From sending ‘handymen’ to help, to supplying meals at no less than a moment’s notice – nothing seems to be ‘too much trouble!’

John, 67, lives at Lorenco House. He says:
“It was an absolute relief to come here, I was living alone in sheltered housing and had problems with a noisy neighbour.  Now I know any time I need to I can go to the office and get support from the staff.” John is very independent but has glaucoma, causing limited vision. He misses being able to travel on the rail and tube network but he is looking forward to meeting all the new residents due to move in.”

Aged 66, Simmoni has to travel to hospital for treatment three times a week but feels supported and safe at Lorenco House.
“I’m so glad, so relieved to be here, I no longer have to depend on my children. Staff are all very pleasant and I have made new friends.  My life has really changed for the better.”

“The thing I most like about Protheroe House is that I can sit and enjoy a meal and a chat in the lovely restaurant and lounge areas and meet friends.”  Sheila, resident

“I lived here in the older building also called Protheroe House. Although it has the same name it’s so much of an improvement – it’s more luxurious and with far more facilities that make life better.”  - Michael, resident

“My flat is clean, well serviced and everything is great. I like my balcony with its view of the garden and you get your own personal space.” – Louise, resident

“I like to visit my gran here more than where she was before – it’s a much better place.” – Jermaine, Louise’s grandson

“I like this place – it’s made an improvement to the area – the kind of thing Tottenham needs to bring it up. I’ve lived in Tottenham for more than 40 years we need more quality buildings like Protheroe.” – Baxter, resident

89 year-old Nancy Weatherly lives at Millcroft.
Nancy’s husband was in the RAF and was posted many times during his career which meant Nancy and her two children lived in a variety of homes, including in Germany and in Zimbabwe.

Nancy’s move to Millcroft went smoothly and she now feels settled and well looked after.  She especially likes having the wide corridors and doorways so that she can easily move around the flat and into the communal areas.  Where she moved from was not nearly as spacious, she said there is ‘no comparison’ in terms of space.

Betty Goodwin lives at Beaumont House.
We had a chat with her while she was playing board games with her fellow residents. She said: “I am very happy with the care I receive. I wasn’t well last week and I had number of calls to check on me, which was very reassuring. I feel safe here. The flats are spacious and all have nice balconies.”

“The building is in a good location, on a good day I can go out on my rollator and see the waves rolling in.”

“Kerry, the general manager, had a word with us and encouraged us to socialise. We have now formed a social committee. I love socialising through this committee. Few of my fellow residents weren’t willing to be part of this committee whereas now they come out and we play games like cards and draughts.
Some of us ladies have become very active in knitting and would be knitting some nice little squares which we will join to make a blanket.”

“I am very happy here and settled much quicker than I thought and can’t fault the accommodation or staff, it’s a real home.  I try to do things myself but it’s nice to know there is help when I need it.” – Sheila, Millcroft resident.